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Agriculture Safety: Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers Fact Sheet
(OSHA FS 3870 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Action Plans: How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations
(OSHA 3088 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Exit Routes Fact Sheet
(OSHA FS 3943 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Lowering Procedure for SKYJACK SJM Series Self-Propelled Mobile Work Platforms with Hydraulic Velocity Fuses
(OSHA HIB 5-23-2000 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Management: Planning & Responding to Workplace Emergencies Fact Sheet
(OSHA FS - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Management: Preparing and Protecting Security Personnel in Emergencies
(OSHA 3335 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Response: A Dangerous Worksite - The World Trade Center
(OSHA 3193 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Response: Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers of Victims

This document offers useful information to help hospitals create emergency plans based on worst-case scenarios. It focuses on suggestions for appropriate training and suitable personal protective equipment for healthcare employees who may be exposed to hazardous substances when they treat victims of mass casualties. The document includes appendices with practical examples of decontamination procedures and medical monitoring for first receivers who respond to a mass casualty incident.

(OSHA 3249 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Response: Best Practices for Protecting EMS Responders during Treatment and Transport of Victims of Hazardous Substance Releases
(OSHA 3370 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Response: Hospitals and Community Emergency Response -- What You Need to Know
(OSHA 3152 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Response: Principal Emergency Response and Preparedness - Requirements and Guidelines
(OSHA 3122 - ) (English: PDF )

Emergency Response: Protecting Worker Safety and Health Under the National Response Framework QuickCard
(OSHA 3356 - ) (English: PDF )

Hazardous Waste & Emergency Response
(OSHA 3114 - ) (English: PDF Add to cart )

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Fact Sheet
(OSHA FS - ) (English: PDF )

Heat Emergency Wallet Card
(OSHA 4403-02 - ) (English: PDF )

Oil Spill Response: Training Marine Oil Spill Response Workers under OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard
(OSHA 3172 - ) (English: HTML )

PPE for Emergency Response and Recovery Workers
(OSHA 4117 - ) (English: PDF Add to cart )
(OSHA 4117 - ) (Spanish: PDF Add to cart )

Protect Rescue Workers and Emergency Responders After an Earthquake: OSHA Alert
(OSHA 3984 - ) (English: PDF )
(OSHA 3985 - ) (Spanish: PDF )