April 11, 2019

Acting Assistant Secretary
Federal Employee Participation in Field Federal Safety and Health Councils (FFSHCs)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is requesting your agency's participation in the Department of Labor's Field Federal Safety and Health Council (FFSHC or Council) program. FFSHCs are federal interagency groups chartered by the Secretary of Labor to promote the advancement of occupational safety and health throughout the federal government. In accordance with 29 CFR 1960.88(b), federal agency heads should encourage each field activity that has responsibility for the safety and health of agency employees to participate in the activities of local FFSHCs. These Councils bring together safety and health personnel with peers in their geographical area and provide them with occupational safety and health training, access to experts, and opportunities to share ideas and solve problems during meetings and events.

FFSHCs engage in a variety of activities to support improvements in federal workplace safety and health programs. However, without sufficient federal agency leadership support the Councils cannot function effectively. Show your agency's support by encouraging field staff involvement in local FFSHCs. Ensure your establishment leadership appoint representatives to the local FFSHCs by submitting a completed Member Designation Form, which can be found on the OSHA webpage at https://www.osha.gov/dep/ffshc/index.html. The provisions outlined in 29 CFR 1960.88(c) require FFSHCs to maintain an equal number of management and non-management representatives from each participating federal establishment. Please convey this information to your establishment leadership so that they appoint an equal number of management and non-management representatives.

Contact information for each FFSHC Chairperson as well as the OSHA Federal Agency Program Officers (FAPOs) can also be found on the OSHA webpage. For your convenience, the contact information for FAPOs is also attached. Please contact the FAPO in your region if you have questions about a FFSHC near you or if you are interested in starting a FFSHC in your area.

Thank you in advance for encouraging federal employee participation in the FFSHCs. Your agency's active participation in local FFSHCs will improve workplace safety and health conditions for federal employees.