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    Basic Program Elements for Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Programs and Related Matters
  • Subpart:
    1960 Subpart K
  • Subpart Title:
    Field Federal Safety and Health Councils
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    Membership and participation.
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Each field council shall consist of the designated representatives of local Federal activities appointed by their respective activity heads, after consultation with appropriate employee representatives and appropriate certified safety and health committees.
Federal agency heads should encourage each field activity having responsibility for the safety and health of agency employees to participate in the programs of these councils.

Each activity head shall appoint an equal number of officially designated representatives (with designated alternates), from management and from nonmanagement employees, consistent with applicable collective bargaining arrangements.

Representatives shall be selected from individuals in the following categories:
Federal occupational safety and health professionals.
Related Federal professionals, or collateral duty personnel. This includes persons employed in professions or occupations related to or concerned with safety and health of employees.
Line management officials.
Representatives of recognized Federal labor or other employee organizations.
Where certified occupational safety and health committees exist, nonmanagement members of the committees shall be given the opportunity to select one individual for official appointment to field councils by the activity head.
Where employees are represented by collective bargaining arrangements, but no committee exists, nonmanagement members of field councils shall be selected from among those recommended by the exclusive bargaining representatives for official appointment to field councils by the activity head.
Where some employees in an activity are represented by collective bargaining arrangements and others are not, the agency head should solicit nominations for the agency's designated nonmanagement representative and alternate both from lawful labor organization(s) with collective bargaining status and from employees not represented through collective bargaining and should select from the nominees for official appointment as designated employee representatives on the field council.
Representatives from non-Federal organizations. Associate membership may be granted to any non-Federally employed person who demonstrated interest in occupational safety and health. An associate member has no voting rights and may not hold any office.
No maximum limitation shall be imposed by a council on itself, in regard to the numbers of personnel in any of the above categories that may attend meetings and/or participate in field council activities. An agency is free to have any number of individuals, in addition to the officially designated representatives participate in council activities.
Only officially designated agency representatives or their alternates shall have voting privileges. All representatives and participants shall serve without additional compensation.
Travel funds shall be made available equally to management and nonmanagement employee representatives.