# Federal Register
1 - 84:35888-35889 - Walking and Working Surfaces Standard for General Industry; Extension of the Office of Management and Budget's (OMB) Approval of the Information Collection (Paperwork) Requirements - PDF
2 - 82:31252-31253 - Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment (Fall Protection Systems) for General Industry; Approval of Collections of Information - PDF
3 - 75:80315 - Compliance Directive for Fall Protection in Residential Construction - PDF
# Regulations
1 - 1926.502(k) - Fall protection systems criteria and practices.
# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1926.502(k) - Clarification on controlled access zones for leading edge work.
2 - 1926.502(k) - Whether under STD 03-00-001 an employee, in absence of interior walls is permitted to climb the lower chords of the roof trusses to brace them.
3 - 1926.502(k) - Residential fall protection: safety monitors; walking top plate of braced walls in installation; warning line; plating exterior walls; height limitation; non-roofer PPE; slide guards
4 - 1926.502(k) - Construction of homes with masonry walls is not considered "residential construction" in applying STD 03-00-001.
5 - 1926.502(k) - Alternative fall protection for leading edge work during precast concrete erection.
6 - 1926.502(k) - The predominant use of structural steel would not be considered "residential construction"
7 - 1926.502(k) - Clarification on several issues regarding OSHA's construction industry standards for fall protection
8 - 1926.502(k) - Clarification of several residential construction and fall protection issues.
9 - 1926.502(k) - Review residential construction scenarios for alternative fall protection procedures.
10 - 1926.502(k) - Compliance of using warning lines and/or control access zones for fall protection on roofs with a slope greater than 4:12.
11 - 1926.502(k) - Requirements for fall protection when ladder jack scaffolds are used for residential and commercial construction
12 - 1926.502(k) - Fall protection requirements for homes built of block and masonry construction.
13 - 1926.502(k) - Clarification concerning fall protection and vertical walled trenches with depth of 6 feet or greater and use of controlled access zones.
14 - 1926.502(k) - Fall protection requirements and available alternative procedures for completed/inhabited residential wireless phone system antenna installation.
15 - 1926.502(k) - Clarification of residential construction's use of slide guards and other fall protection
16 - 1926.502(k) - Use of roof jacks (slide guards) for residential and commercial construction.
17 - 1926.502(k) - Fall protection for exposure to unfilled swimming pools.
18 - 1926.502(k) - Fall Protection.
19 - 1926.502(k) - Safety plans as set forth in Subpart M -- Fall Protection for the Construction Industry.