# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1910.120(q) - What constitutes an emergency response or incidental release of anhydrous ammonia
2 - 1910.120(q) - Applicability of HAZWOPER to the clearing and rerailing of train cars after derailment situations.
3 - 1910.120(q) - Use of a "hybrid" course to meet training requirements for both a general site worker and a hazardous materials technician under HAZWOPER.
4 - 1910.120(q) - Clarification of HAZWOPER training requirements as they apply to an employee of the town of Windsor, VT.
5 - 1910.120(q) - Requirements for annual refresher training under OSHA's HAZWOPER standard.
6 - 1910.120(q) - Requirement for employer to assess potential hazards of handling trailer debris to provide necessary PPE and hazard communication information to affected employees.
7 - 1910.120(q) - Whether firefighters trained to the HAZWOPER awareness level can respond to emergency releases of hazardous substances.
8 - 1910.120(q) - Applicable regulations when handling waste material classified as "sludge exempt" in regards to the Hazard Communication and HAZWOPER standards.
9 - 1910.120(q) - Evaluation of a box van of a truck carrying hazardous materials meeting the definition of a confined space in a hazardous material release/response situation.
10 - 1910.120(q) - Application of OSHA standards to escape and protection of employees from threats associated with terrorist actions.
11 - 1910.120(q) - Application of HAZWOPER (1910.120) to terrorist and weapons of mass destruction incident responses.
12 - 1910.120(q) - Requirements for emergency response and planning under the Process Safety Management Standard.
13 - 1910.120(q) - Training and PPE requirements for hospital staff that decontaminate victims/patients.
14 - 1910.120(q) - Respiratory protection requirements for hospital staff decontaminating chemically contaminated patients.
15 - 1910.120(q) - LOTO of hydraulic systems; postal workers' exposure to hazardous material spills.
16 - 1910.120(q) - Transportation of hazardous waste.
17 - 1910.120(q) - Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico.
18 - 1910.120(q) - EPA Fact sheet "Emergency Responder Agreements".
19 - 1910.120(q) - Hazwoper training in hospitals.
20 - 1910.120(q) - Over-the-road vehicle operator required response to a large release.
21 - 1910.120(q) - OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.
22 - 1910.120(q) - Training requirements of Hazwoper for various functions.
23 - 1910.120(q) - Emergency response procedures for radioactive materials
24 - 1910.120(q) - Training and certification procedures of Hazwoper.
25 - 1910.120(q) - Training requirements for employees in food storage facility where ammonia is used solely as a refrigerant.
26 - 1910.120(q) - Employee emergency alarm systems.
27 - 1910.120(q) - Application of the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard to Specific Operations
28 - 1910.120(q) - Application of 1910.120 to post-emergency clean-up operations including oil spill clean-ups.