Specific Finishing Equipment » Planers/Moulders

Planers, also called surfacers, are woodworking machines used to dress and size rough-sawed lumber on one or more sides - planing boards to an even thickness. Planers are similar to jointers except that the cutter head is above, or above and below, the stock. Stock passes under or between cylindrical cutter heads with multiple knives. An operator's hands can come in contact with the point of operation while adjusting the blades. Operators' hands also may be pinched between the stock and in-running rolls if the feed system is not properly guarded.

Operator Involvement

The operator adjusts the planer for the cut and then feeds stock into the in-feed side of the machine. The operator retrieves the surface board from the out-running end.

  • Point of operation
  • In-running rolls
  • Kickbacks
  • Flying objects
  • Vibration and noise