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Figure 1: Confined or Enclosed Spaces
Figure 1: Confined or Enclosed Spaces: Adjacent Space, Enclosed Space, and Confined Space.
Enclosed Space Confined Space Adjacent Space Confined Space

Adjacent Space, Enclosed Space and Confined Space

As a ship is constructed, confined and enclosed space are created. Unless flammable, combustible, toxic or oxygen-depleting materials have been used in or near the space, it can typically be entered without atmospheric testing, however good work practice is to test prior to any space entry. When using these materials, there is a greater likelihood that atmospheres may become hazardous requiring a Shipyard Competent Person (SCP) to evaluate these spaces, ensure safe entry and to maintain safe conditions during work. This industry is unique in that adjacent spaces can be impacted by work taking place next to them; therefore, they may require further evaluation. [29 CFR 1915 Subpart B]

Operations involving these spaces include the following:

  1. Pre-Entry (Planning)
  2. Initial Entry Testing
  3. Work