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Preparing for Use

SWP 4. Implement a Tagging System

Ensuring Ongoing Accountability

Image of two workers using scaffolding

Account for the possibility that other shipyard workers may use the staging.

Photo courtesy of OSHA.

It is critical that any hazards associated with marine hanging staging are eliminated before workers are permitted to use it. Because more than one employer may be involved in erecting, inspecting, and using marine hanging staging, procedures are necessary to ensure ongoing accountability for its safety.

For example, after one employer erects and uses a scaffold, another employer might alter it and make it unsafe or simply use it in a manner different from its intended purpose. An employer that erects and uses the staging may leave it in place for a variety of reasons and rely on a host employer or other entity to assume responsibilities for its inspection, maintenance, and use.

Image of "Danger" sign

Tagging alerts other shipyard workers who might use the staging.

Photo courtesy of OSHA.

Tagging for Notification to Workers

The host employer or other entity with an ongoing presence at the worksite and in control of the ship or vessel being repaired needs to coordinate the use of the marine hanging staging and be responsible for informing other employers (whose workers might use the scaffold) about its safe use and limitations.

OSHA recommends that each shipyard establish a uniform system throughout the shipyard that serves to notify workers of a scaffold’s status at any given time, such as a tagging program meeting the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A10.8–2001, Safety Requirements for Scaffolding, Section 4.46 (see box). Tags or signs are most effective when located at the scaffold access points.

Sample Materials

View and/or print a sample scaffold tagging program for marine hanging staging.

On scaffolds that will remain in place for long durations in either a fully or partially erected state, or on scaffolds that may be potentially used by trades other than those responsible for its erection, dismantlement, alteration or modification, a notification system shall be used to inform workers of the status and condition of the scaffold that includes at least the following information:

  • Completed, inspected by a competent person (or "qualified person" in the terminology of shipyard employment), and ready for use (date, inspector/competent person);
  • Partially completed, not ready for use (why, date, inspector/competent person); or
  • This scaffold is unsafe, not ready for use. Do not use without prior authorization from _____.