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Fall Protection Work Plan for Marine Hanging Staging (MHS)
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

All employees involved in the installation or removal of MHS must review this JHA prior to the initial start-up of work. This plan must be posted in the work site office for the duration of the job. All employees subject to wear fall protection must be trained in accordance with the written plan.

Hazards must be corrected or safely controlled before starting work.
Location: Vessel:

1. Identify potential hazard(s):

☐ Space certified “Safe for Workers”

☐ Adequate housekeeping

☐ Adequate supply of drinking water

☐ Adequate ventilation

☐ Adequate lighting

2. Identify potential fall hazard(s):

☐ Deck openings protected

☐ Interior ladder safe to climb

☐ Slip and trip hazards removed

☐ Adequate sole tread on workers' boots

☐ Warning signs posted

3. Describe the hazard(s):

All corrections made: Inspector's initials

4. Attendant's field check of fall protection systems:

☐ Tripod/retrieval system locking capacities

☐ Defects in cable, tripod, hooks, mildew, wear

☐ Chaffing gear on site

☐ Retrieval system inspection data

☐ Body harnesses for supporting workers

☐ Other ___________________

5. Installer's field check of work platform:

☐ Harness

☐ Lanyards

☐ Carabiners

☐ Anchor straps

☐ Stirrups

☐ Other support equipment

6. Qualified person's inspection of interior tank structure for safe and secure anchor points:

If structure anchor points are unsafe – Stop Work

7. Describe the method for prompt, safe removal of injured workers.
 Call ________________ Call 911 Call offsite rescue number ________________

Describe the location of the phone:

8.   Trained cable installer(s) and attendant(s) on site under this plan:
Signature Print Name Installer or Attendant
___________________ ___________________


___________________ ___________________


___________________ ___________________


___________________ ___________________



Responsible supervisor ______________________ Date of inspection: ___________
Qualified person ______________________