Figure 1: Many shipyard operations require PPE
Figure 1: Many shipyard operations require PPE.

Employees must receive training in the proper use, care, and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce injuries and illnesses and prevent fatalities. [29 CFR 1915.152(e)(1)]

The OSHA Hierarchy of Controls is

  1. Engineering Controls
  2. Administration Controls
  3. Personal Protective Equipment

Note: Confined space entry is one of the leading hazards associated with barge cleaning. Review Ship Repair: Confined or Enclosed Spaces and Other Dangerous Atmospheres for information on how to protect workers from this hazard.

PPE training must ensure that:

  • Each employee shall be trained to understand at least the following:
  • Each employee must demonstrate the ability to use PPE properly. [29 CFR 1915.152(e)(2)]
  • Re-training is provided in situations where:
    • Changes in occupation or work render previous training obsolete.
    • Changes in the types of PPE to be used render previous training obsolete.
    • Employee does not know how to use or wear PPE.
  • Training must be verified and completed with a document containing the following information [29 CFR 1915.152(e)(4)]:
    • Name of employee trained.
    • Date(s) of training.
    • Type of training the employee received.