Fire Protection >> Fire Safety Plan

A fire safety plan that covers all actions that should be taken must be developed and implemented to ensure employee safety in the event of a fire. [1915.502(a)] A fire safety plan provides workers with information and guidelines to assist them in recognizing, reporting and controlling fire hazards aboard marine vessels and structures within a shipyard.

Figure 1. Training employees in classroom.

Potential Hazards

  • Contractor and subcontractor fire safety plans are not compatible.
  • Inadequate communication.
  • Information provided is not retained.
  • All workers are not accounted for after evacuation.
  • Safety plan not properly maintained/updated.
Figure 2. Fire department workers reviewing emergency escape plan.

Requirements and Example Solutions

  • To ensure employee safety in the event of a fire, a written fire and safety plan must be developed and implemented. [1915.502(a)]
  • Figure 3. "Evacuation Muster Area" sign denoting area for workers to gather after evacuating area.
    The fire safety plan must include the following: [1915.502(b)]
    • Identification of significant fire hazards.
    • Procedures for recognizing and reporting unsafe conditions.
    • Alarm procedures.
    • Procedures for notifying employees of a fire emergency.
    • Procedures for notifying fire response organizations of a fire emergency.
    • Procedures for evacuation.
    • Procedures to account for all employees after an evacuation.
    • Names, job titles, or departments of individuals who can be contacted for further information about the plan.
  • All employees must be trained on the fire safety plan. In addition, the plan must be reviewed with each employee at the following times: [1915.502(c)]
    • Upon initial assignment for new employees.
    • When the actions the employee must take under the plan change because of a change in duties or a change in the plan.
  • Figure 4. Muster area for workers evacuated off a vessel.
    The employer must: [1915.502(d)]
    • Keep the fire safety plan accessible to employees, employee representatives, and OSHA.
    • Review and update the plan whenever necessary, but at least annually.
    • Document that affected employees have been informed about the plan.
    • Ensure that any outside fire response organization that the employer expects to respond to fires at the employer's worksite has been given a copy of the current plan.
  • Contract employers in shipyard employment must have a fire safety plan for their employees. This plan must be compatible with the host employer's fire safety plan. [1915.502(e) and 1915.501(d)]
  • Develop a generic plan for use by host employer and contractors.
  • Subcontractors or supervisors are accountable for workers during evacuations.
  • Subcontractors (visitors, vendors, vessel owners) or prime contactors need to comply with host employer's plan.
  • Facility and prime contractor should provide all subcontractors a copy of their plan(s).
  • Practice fire safety plan drills.
  • Host and contractors review plan annually or any time there is a change. [1915.502(d)(2)]
  • Ensure that local fire department has a copy of the plan.