Group Lockout-Tagout » Work Authorization Permits

Work authorization permits may play a role in an employer's group lockout/tagout procedures. A work authorization permit is a document authorizing employees to perform specific tasks. While the Lockout/Tagout standard does not specifically require the use of a work authorization permit, these documents may be used as a means of achieving compliance with the group lockout or tagout requirements.

If a work authorization permit is used to achieve compliance with group lockout/tagout provisions, it must be included in the employer's written procedures. The permit must identify the equipment to be serviced, the types and unique energy characteristics to be encountered, methods for safe work, and the process or procedures to be used to accomplish the task.

Group Lockout/Tagout

For additional information on work authorization permits and group lockout/tagout procedures, see the Preamble at Vol. 54, Federal Register Page 36683.

For further information concerning group lockout or tagout in general, including examples of acceptable employer group lockout or tagout procedures, refer to The Control of Hazardous Energy – Enforcement Policy and Inspection Procedures. OSHA Directive CPL 02-00-147, (February 11, 2008).