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Employee contact with electrical hazards and possible electrocution from:

  • Maintenance equipment and machinery.
  • Using damaged receptacles and connectors.
  • Ungrounded electrical service near sources of water.

Requirements under OSHA's Electrical Standard, 29 CFR 1910 Subpart S

Employers must:

Receptacle type (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter).
Receptacle type (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter).
  • Ensure that equipment, tools, appliances, etc. near sources of water are properly grounded. [29 CFR 1910.304(g)(6)]
  • Ensure that electrical equipment is free from recognized hazards. [29 CFR 1910.303(b)(1)]
  • Remove from service all defective or damaged portable electrical equipment (e.g., extension cords and other cord and plug connected equipment). [29 CFR 1910.334(a)(2)(ii)]
  • Do not place defective or damaged portable electrical equipment back into service unless repairs and tests necessary to render the equipment safe have been made. [29 CFR 1910.334(a)(2)(ii)]

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