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Expert User Guide

Welcome to the OSHA Expert. This Expert is designed to ask a series of questions and, based on your responses, help determine if you are required to comply with the Emergency Action Plan standard. [29 CFR 1910.38]

This OSHA Expert only provides information based on Federal OSHA Emergency Response requirements. If you are covered by a state OSHA plan you may need to contact your local state OSHA office.

  • Navigation
    • To navigate through the Expert System simply click the buttons for the various steps.
    • To go back to previous questions click the button corresponding to the previous step. Do not use any other back feature.
    • To exit the Expert System select the "Emergency Action Plan (EAP)" link in the top left corner of the screen to return to the previous page.
    • To start the Expert System over, select the "Step 1" button in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Saving the Reports
    • Use a word processing program to modify your plan. First, open the word processor. Next, return to the browser and press "CTRL" and "A" simultaneously to select all of the information. To copy the text into the word processor program, press "CTRL" and "C" simultaneously to copy. Switch back to your word processor program and paste the text. To do this, press "CTRL" and "V" simultaneously. This will paste the text into your Emergency Action Plan. Save the file. You will now be able to modify the text and format the page in the word processor.
  • Printing the Reports
    • After you have answered every question the Expert will generate a report informing you of the results. Use one of the following methods to print this report:
      • Press the "CTRL" and "P" keys simultaneously,
      • Right-click on the page and then select "Print",
      • Click the "Print Report" button on the report.
  • Additional Information
    • The Expert System can not be saved. If you must stop before you have finished, you must start over.