Evacuation Elements » OSHA's Floorplan Diagram Example


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An evacuation floor plan with three exits, has the primary exit designated in the upper left by an arrow, with two main flows coming toward it indicated by bent arrows. Persons in the upper left half of the building are directed toward this exit. The secondary exit is located centrally on the adjacent outer wall on the right side of the building. Persons in the top hallway and second hallway are directed with arrows toward this exit. There is a third exit in the last hallway, centrally located in the outer wall opposite the outer wall with the primary exit and adjacent to the secondary exit. Persons in the third hallway are directed by arrows to exit out this doorway. Gray boxes indicate a row of rooms along the outer walls, with hallways parallel to the rows of outer rooms on three sides of the building. The outer wall on the left side of the building has a hallway along the outer wall. Four sets of six gray boxes representing rooms are along the internal corridors and there are three large rooms centrally located with internal hallways connecting the top and bottom of the building.