Beverage Delivery » Delivery Process

Certain aspects of beverage delivery involve hazards not related to a specific piece of equipment or container and thus, are not easily recognized. The beverage delivery employee should be made aware of the following hazards related to the delivery process:


Potential Hazard:

  • On a self-paced job such as beverage delivery, employees sometimes fail to take appropriate rest breaks.

Possible Solution:

  • Develop and enforce work-rest schedules. Generally, a 15-minute rest break every two hours is suggested. On a self-paced job such as this, it is very important to educate the employees about the need for rest breaks. The employees should know when to take the appropriate breaks, even without direct supervision.

Potential Hazard:

  • Working in customers' coolers and installing kegs under taps requires using awkward and/or hazardous postures and lift techniques.

Possible Solutions:

  • Work with customers to develop storage areas and tap cooler units which do not require frequent torso bending or lifting of beer kegs.

  • Only lift kegs or make deliveries in areas accessible to the hand truck. Use two employees to lift whenever it is necessary to reposition kegs at a customer's place of business or arrange for assistance from the customer.

  • Establish standards for size and accessibility of coolers and keg storage areas.