This eTool* describes ergonomic hazards and possible solutions for workers in the Beverage Delivery Industry. A beverage delivery person performs the following ergonomic tasks:

  • Driving a pre-stocked route truck from the plant to designated customers.
  • Unloading the various cases of beverages from the truck. This consists of lifting approximately 160-550 boxes, beverage cases, and/or tanks piece-by-piece from the truck and placing them on a hand truck.
  • Wheeling the hand truck to the point of delivery specified by the customer.
  • Manually unloading the hand truck and placing products on display shelves or in storage areas.
  • Retrieving empty returnable bottles.

The beverage delivery person typically works eight to ten hours per day. Customers include grocery and convenience stores, hospitals, schools, etc.

For ergonomic solutions applicable to beverage warehousing, see the Grocery Warehousing eTool. For a general discussion of ergonomic solutions, return to Ergonomics.

See OSHA's Workers' Rights page for more information on rights and protections.

*eTools are web-based products that provide guidance information for developing a comprehensive safety and health program. They include recommendations for good industry practice that often go beyond specific OSHA mandates. As indicated in the disclaimer, eTools do not create new OSHA requirements.