Ammonia Refrigeration » Glossary

ammonia n: ammonia is a pungent, colorless gas.

accumulator n: prevents liquid from entering the suction of the compressor. Also called a suction accumulator.

bleeder valve n: a valve to bleed ammonia from hoses and piping safely.

check valve n: a valve allowing flow in one direction only.

compressor n: a unit for compressing vapor to higher pressures.

condenser n: heat is transferred from the gas to the outside air in this unit to condense the ammonia into a liquid.

evaporator n: a unit designed to vaporize liquid refrigerant, thus cooling the air by absorbing heat.

flow regulator n: a controlling device which regulates the flow of liquid in a pipe.

intercooler n: an intercooler is the intermediate vessel between the high stage and low stage in a multistage system.

machine room n: a room or space that is designed to safely house compressors and pressure vessels.

pressure vessel n: any receptacle containing refrigerant under pressure.

P and ID abbr: Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.

receiver n: a vessel permanently connected to a refrigeration system for storage of liquid ammonia.

stop valve n: a valve used to shut off the flow of ammonia.