Additional References » NIOSH Publication, No. 79-120, 1979

Working Safely with Anhydrous Ammonia. NIOSH Publication No. 79-120, (1979). Written for employees who work with anhydrous ammonia and briefly describes anhydrous ammonia's important physical properties, the effects of overexposure, first aid procedures, personal protective equipment useful to prevent exposure, and recommendations for working safely.


  • Introduction, 1
  • What is Anhydrous Ammonia, 2
  • How Ammonia Affects the Body, 4
  • First Aid, 5
    • Inhalation, 5
    • Eye Contact, 6
    • Skin Contact, 7
    • Swallowing, 8
    • Summary, 8
  • Safety and Personal Protective Equipment, 8
  • Plant Operations, 13
  • Handling and Use of Cylinders, 18
  • Emergencies, 20
  • Accidents Involving Ammonia, 20
  • Safe Working Practices, 21


(Only the abstract is currently available for download from the NIOSH site.)

Safety procedures for working with anhydrous-ammonia (7664417) are presented. Chemical properties and exposure effects are discussed. First aid procedures are described for inhalation exposures, eye and skin contact, or ingestion. Personal protective equipment also is described, along with safe operating procedures and work practices. The safe handling and use of cylinders containing anhydrous-ammonia also are discussed. Examples are included of accidents related to improper or careless use of equipment. A listing of NIOSH and OSHA regional offices is given.