Corporate-Wide Settlement Agreements

Corporate-Wide Settlement Agreements (CSAs), also known as enterprise-wide settlements, are legal agreements reached between OSHA and employers that have shown a pattern of non-compliance or have similar OSH Act violations at multiple establishments or worksites. The current CSA compliance directive generally requires that these agreements expire within two years from when the settlement is executed. Listed below are all active CSAs, plus several expired agreements of special interest to the regulated community.
OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels said that CSAs are "an effective tool to secure worker safety and health protections. Through an employer's formal agreement to abate serious hazards at multiple facilities, CSAs are an improvement over traditional enforcement measures that could take much longer." OSHA QuickTakes, July 1, 2011.
[06/08/2016] —  Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
[12/05/2015] —  Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
[05/01/2014] —  Republic Steel
[12/20/2013] —  GEO Group, Inc.
[08/07/2013] —  Walmart
[06/28/2013] —  USPS
[06/17/2013] —  Conagra Foods
[12/31/2012] —  Exel Inc.
[10/16/2012] —  U.S. Steel Corporation
[09/26/2012] —  U.S. Minerals LLC
[09/25/2012] —  Mohawk Industries, Inc.
[08/22/2012] —  Monro Muffler Brake, Inc.
[04/27/2012] —  DeMoulas Super Markets, Inc.
[04/04/2012] —  Delta Air Lines, Inc.
[03/15/2012] —  Thomas Industrial Coatings, Inc.
[02/29/2012] —  Triple D Security Company, Inc.
[09/23/2011] —  Outland Energy Services, LLC.
[02/07/2011] —  Nomac Drilling, LLC
[11/18/2010] —  Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
[08/12/2010] —  BP Products North America Inc.
[02/03/2003] —  Manor Care Health Services
[02/26/2002] —  Beverly Enterprises, Inc.