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Alphabetic Index of Sampling and Analytical Methods - D

Substance and Method Number CAS Number(s) Instrument / Sampler
DDVP; 62; Fully Validated 62-73-7 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Desflurane; 106; Fully Validated 57041-67-5 GC/FID; Anasorb 747
Diacetone Alcohol; 7 123-42-2 GC/FID; CSC
Diacetyl and/or Acetoin; 1012; Fully Validated
  • 431-03-8
  • 513-86-0
GC/ECD; Two Special GFF/Silica Gel Tubes In-Series
Diacetyl and/or Acetoin; 1013; Fully Validated
  • 431-03-8
  • 513-86-0
GC/FID; Two Special GFF/Silica Gel Tubes In-Series
Diacetyl; PV2118; Partially Validated 431-03-8 GC/FID; Silica gel
Diallyl Disulfide; PV2086; Partially Validated 2179-57-9 GC/FID; Chromosorb 106
o-Dianisidine; 71; Fully Validated 119-90-4 GC/ECD; GFF coated with Sulfuric Acid
Diazinon; 62; Fully Validated 333-41-5 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Di-n-butylphthalate; 104; Fully Validated 84-74-2 GC/FID; OVS-Tenax
Dibutyltin Dilaurate; ID218SG; Partially Validated 7440-31-5 AA/HGA; MCEF
Dibutyltin Maleate; ID224SG; Partially Validated 7440-31-5 AA/HGA; MCEF
Dibutyltin Oxide; ID197SG; Partially Validated 7440-31-5 AA/HGA; GFF followed by XAD-2
o-Dichlorobenzene; 7 95-50-1 GC/FID; CSC
p-Dichlorobenzene; 7 106-46-7 GC/FID; CSC
3,3'-Dichlorobenzidine; 65; Fully Validated 91-94-1 GC/ECD; GFF coated with Sulfuric Acid
1,1-Dichloroethane; 7 75-34-3 GC/FID; CSC
1,1-Dichloroethene; 19; Fully Validated 75-35-4 GC/FID; CSC
1,2-Dichloroethylene; 7 540-59-0 GC/FID; CSC
Dichloroethyl Ether; 7 111-44-4 GC/FID; CSC
1,1-Dichloro-1-fluoroethane; 113; Fully Validated 1717-00-6 GC/FID; Anasorb CMS
1,1-Dichloro-1-nitroethane; 7 594-72-9 GC/FID; Petroleum Charcoal
2,2-Dichloropropionic Acid; PV2017; Partially Validated 75-99-0 HPLC/UV; Silica Gel
Dichlorvos; 62; Fully Validated 62-73-7 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Dicrotophos; PV2099; Partially Validated    
Dicyclopentadiene; PV2098; Partially Validated 77-73-6 GC/FID; CSC
Diethanolamine; PV2018; Partially Validated 111-42-2 HPLC/UV; XAD-2 coated with NITC
Diethyl Ketone; PV2136; Partially Validated 96-22-0 GC/FID; Carbosieve S-III
Diethylamine; 41; Fully Validated 109-89-7 HPLC/UV; XAD-7 coated with NITC
Di(ethyleneglycol) ethyl ether acrylate; PV2132; Partially Validated 7328-17-8 GC/FID; Chromosorb 106
Diethylenetriamine; 60; Fully Validated 111-40-0 HPLC/UV; XAD-7 coated with NITC
Di-2-ethylhexylphthalate; 104; Fully Validated 117-81-7 GC/FID; OCS-Tenax
Diethylnitrosamine; 13; Fully Validated 55-18-5 GC/TEA; Florisil coated with dl-alpha-Tocopherol
Diethylphthalate; 104; Fully Validated 84-66-2 GC/FID; OVS-Tenax
Difluorodibromomethane; 7 75-61-6 GC/FID; CSC
Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A; 1018; Fully Validated 1675-54-3 UPLC/UV; GFF
Dihexyl Phthalate; PV2076; Partially Validated 68515-50-4 GC/FID; OVS-Tenax
Diisobutyl Ketone; 7 108-83-8 GC/FID; CSC
Dimethazone; PV2066; Partially Validated 81777-89-1  
Dimethoate; PV2113; Partially Validated 60-51-5 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Dimethyl Adipate; PV2019; Partially Validated 627-93-0 GC/FID; CSC
Dimethylamine; 34; Fully Validated 124-40-3 HPLC/FL; XAD-7 coated with NBD-Chloride
N,N-Dimethylaniline; PV2064; Partially Validated 121-69-7 GC/FID; XAD-7 coated with phosphoric acid
N,N-Dimethylethylamine; PV2096; Partially Validated 598-56-1 GC/NPD; Alumina
N,N-Dimethylformamide - (DMF); 66; Fully Validated 68-12-2 GC/NPD; CSC
Dimethyl Glutarate; PV2020; Partially Validated 1119-40-0 GC/FID; CSC
Dimethylnitrosamine; 6; Fully Validated 62-75-9 GC/TEA; Florisil coated with dl-alpha-Tocopherol
Dimethylphthalate; 104; Fully Validated 131-11-3 GC/FID; OVS-Tenax
Dimethyl Succinate; PV2021; Partially Validated 106-65-0 GC/FID; CSC
Dimethyl Sulfate; PV2147; Partially Validated 77-78-1 GC/FPD; Porapak-Q
Di-n-hexyl Phthalate; PV2076; Partially Validated 84-75-3 GC/FID; OVS-Tenax
2,4-Dinitrotoluene - (DNT); 44; Fully Validated 25321-14-6 GC/TEA; GFF followed by Tenax
Di-n-octylphthalate; 104; Fully Validated 117-84-0 GC/FID; OVS-Tenax
Dioxane; 7 123-91-1 GC/FID; CSC
Diphenylamine; 22; Fully Validated 122-39-4 HPLC/UV; Bubbler with Isopropyl Alcohol
Diphenylamine; 78; Fully Validated 122-39-4 HPLC/UV; GFF coated with Sulfuric Acid
Diphenyl; PV2022; Partially Validated 92-52-4 GC/FID; XAD-7
Dipropyl Disulfide; PV2086; Partially Validated 629-19-6 GC/FID; Chromosorb 106
Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether; 101; Fully Validated 34590-94-8 GC/FID; CSC
Disulfoton; PV2105; Partially Validated 298-04-4 GC/FPD; OVS-2
Diuron; PV2097; Partially Validated 330-54-1 HPLC/UV; OVS-2
Divinylbenzene; 89; Fully Validated 108-57-6 GC/FID; CSC coated with TBC
Dursban; 62; Fully Validated 2921-88-2 GC/FPD; OVS-2
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