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    Title: Budget
    Type: Text Slide

    • Include detailed project budget backup document; break out program and administrative costs
    • Detailed budget should match the amounts on SF 424A form
    • 25% cap on administrative costs
    • Maximum open and free competition for all procurements/contracts
    [Includes OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    The detailed budget should break out all the costs that are listed in Section B of the SF 424A Budget Information form. Program and administrative costs should be broken out. Be sure that your budget includes all the funds needed to perform your work plan and administrative activities.

    The detailed budget should provide details to help reviewers understand your grant proposal such as the names and titles of staff working on the grant and the percentage of time they will spend on grant activities.

    Administrative costs cannot exceed 25% of the total grant budget. If you are listing indirect cost charges, which are considered administrative costs, those costs must be supported with a copy of your organization's current approved Indirect Cost Rate Agreement document.

    Your cost per trainee should not exceed $500, and the cost per training hour should be reasonable.

    Maximum open and free competition must be sought for all procurements and contracts. Your proposal should explain how you will comply with this requirement.