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    Title: Recruiting
    Type: Text Slide

    • Is your recruiting plan feasible?
    • Can you show previous experience working with your target training audience?
    • Do you have support from intended audience?
    • Describe your advertising plan
    • Describe your Public Relations plan
    [Includes OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    After you've decided on the appropriate audience for your training, it's equally important to determine how you will reach them. A key component of any grant proposal is an effective plan for recruiting. You should probably consider the feasibility of reaching your target audience based upon your resources and organizational strengths.

    If you have had previous success reaching this type of audience, please provide information about this experience in your application.

    Your proposal should describe the type of marketing efforts your organization will employ in order to successfully reach its intended audience.

    You may have specific groups or associations that have indicated a need for the training and a willingness to assist in the recruiting effort. If so, you should provide detailed plans for this support and evidence that the group would be a receptive audience.