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    Title: Helpful Tips for Improving Your Susan Harwood Grant Application
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    Speaker Notes:

    The 2008 Harwood solicitation for grant applications (SGA) was published in the Federal Register and is now available on www.Grants.gov. Your organization must be registered with Grants.gov in order to submit a grant application. If your organization is not already registered, we encourage you to register on Grants.gov as soon as possible as the process can take multiple days to complete.

    Be sure your organization is eligible to submit a Harwood grant application. Nonprofit organizations, including community- and faith-based organizations, that are not an agency of a State or local government are eligible to apply. Additionally, State or local government-supported institutions of higher education are eligible to apply.

    If at all possible, we recommend that you submit your application before the application deadline date in case of unanticipated problems.

    These Tips for improving your grant application are being provided as helpful hints to applicants, but they DO NOT replace the instructions in the grant solicitation notice, nor do they guarantee that your organization will receive a grant.