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OSHA Standards

OSHA regulations for occupational exposures to crystalline silica are addressed in specific standards for general industry, shipyard employment, and the construction industry.

General Industry (29 CFR 1910)

Shipyard Employment (29 CFR 1915)

Construction Industry (29 CFR 1926)

  • 1926.55, Gases, vapors, fumes, dusts, and mists
    • Appendix A, Gases, vapors, fumes, dusts, and mists
  • 1926.57, Ventilation

Note:Twenty-five states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have OSHA-approved State Plans and have adopted their own standards and enforcement policies. For the most part, these States adopt standards that are identical to Federal OSHA. However, some States have adopted different standards applicable to this topic or may have different enforcement policies.


  • National Emphasis Program – Crystalline Silica. OSHA Directive CPL 03-00-007, (2008, January 24). Includes an updated list of industries commonly known to have overexposures to silica; detailed information on potential hazards linked to silica and about current research regarding silica exposure hazards; guidance on calculating the Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) for dust containing respirable crystalline silica in the construction and maritime industries; and guidance on conducting silica-related inspections.
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Standard Interpretations

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