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Exposures to crystalline silica are addressed in specific standards for the construction industry.

OSHA Standards

This section highlights OSHA standards and the Regulatory Agenda (a list of actions being taken with regard to OSHA standards) related to crystalline silica in the construction industry.

Construction Industry (29 CFR 1926)

  • 1926.55, Gases, vapors, fumes, dusts, and mists
    • Appendix A, Gases, vapors, fumes, dusts, and mists
  • 1926.57, Ventilation
  • For additional information on specific state plans or other general standards, see the general industry OSHA Standards section.

Regulatory Agenda

Hazard Recognition

Silicosis is a disabling, nonreversible and sometimes fatal lung disease caused by overexposure to respirable crystalline silica. The following references aid in recognizing crystalline silica hazards in the workplace.

Exposure Evaluation

  • For information on exposure evaluation, see the general industry Exposure Evaluation section.

Possible Solutions

Controlling the exposure to silica can be done through engineering controls, administrative actions, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Engineering controls include such things as replacing silica with another material, isolating the source, and using ventilation systems. Administrative actions include limiting the worker's exposure time and providing showers. PPE includes wearing the proper respiratory protection and clothing. The following references aid in controlling crystalline silica hazards in the workplace.

Additional Information

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