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    Title: Fall Protection Plan 1926.502(k)
    Type: Text Slide

    • Shall identify each location where conventional fall protection systems cannot be used and designate them Controlled Access Zones (CAZ) - 1926.502(k)(7).
    • Implement a safety monitoring system in conformance with 1926.502(h) where no other alternative measure has been implemented - 1926.502(k)(8).
    • Shall identify all workers designated to work in the CAZ - 1926.502(k)(9).
    • Shall be reviewed and updated as appropriate if a fall, or near miss, occurs - 1926.502(k)(10).
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    Speaker Notes:

    • All locations where conventional systems cannot be used must be identified and be designated in the plan as controlled access zones.
    • Must identify all workers authorized to work in the controlled access zones.
    • and it must be reviewed if a fall, or near miss, occurs.