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    Title: Significant Changes in the Residential Fall Protection Policy
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    • Under 1926.502(k) the fall protection plan:
      -Must be written.
      -Must be site-specific.
      • A written fall protection plan developed for repetitive use, e.g., for a particular style or model of home, will be considered site-specific with respect to a particular site only if it fully addressess all issues related to fall protection at that site. Therefore, a standardized plan will have to be reviewed, and revised as necessary, on a site by site basis.
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    Speaker Notes:

    Employers must ensure the plan meets the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(13) and 1926.502(k).
    Under 1926.502(k) the plan:
    • Must be written and be site specific.
    • A Plan developed for repetitive use with a particular style home, must be reviewed to ensure it fully addresses all issues related to fall protection on each site it is used on.