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    Title: Residential Fall Protection Program Update
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    • Why the rescission?

        -Never intended to be a permanent resolution.
        -Fall protection is safe and feasible for the vast majority of residential construction activities.
        -OSHA received recommendations to rescind the interim directive.
        -The residential fall protection requirements have always been established in Subpart M at 29 CFR 1926.501(b)(13). The new policy directive implements the standard as originally intended.
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    Speaker Notes:

    So, why did OSHA rescind the old directive? Well, the truth is … it hasn't been working that well. Statistics still show that fatalities from falls are consistently high for residential construction activities.

    And, the Agency never intended the old directive to be a permanent policy. All along, OSHA stated that the guidance would remain in effect until further notice or until completion of a new formal rulemaking effort.

    And since that time, there have been significant advances in the types and capability of commercially available fall protection equipment available for use in residential construction.