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    Title: Personal Fall Arrest System Full Body Harness
    Type: Text and Image Slide

    • The attachement point on a fully body harness is a D-ring in the center of your upper back.
    • Be sure to use a size that fits properly.
    • Use with compatible equipment.
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    [Includes image showing the back of a mannequin wearing a full body harness, displaying proper fitting of the harness, and an arrow pointing to the D-ring placed in the center of the back.]

    Speaker Notes:

    Workers must be trained in the proper wear and use of the body harness. They are not a one size fits all component. Proper sizing is critical to preventing injuries. The harness must fit snugly across the chest and around the thighs and the D-ring must be positioned in the center of the back between the shoulder blades.

    Employers must ensure workers use a size that fits properly.