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    Title: Safety Net Systems
    Type: Text Slide

    • Requirements for safety net systems include:
      -As close as practicable, no more than 30' below -1926.502(c)(1)
      -Sufficient clearance to prevent contact with surface or structures below - 1926.502(c)(3)
      -Drop tested or certified - 1926.502(c)(4)
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    Speaker Notes:

    Although not frequently used in residential construction, safety nets are another means of arresting falls. These systems also fall under that passive system umbrella because when they are properly installed and maintained, the workers do not have to do anything with the system to be safe.

    Installation, adjustments, and maintenance of the netting should only be made by properly trained personnel.

    However, when safety nets are used, they must be:
    • Positioned as close as practicable under the walking/working surface on which employees are working.
    • Installed with sufficient clearance under them to prevent contact with the surface or structures below.
    • Drop tested or certified.