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    Title: SGE Qualifications: Non Safety & Health Professionals
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    • Site Employee for 2 + Years
    • Satisfy 3 of 9 Rule
    • "3 of 9" Rule
      • Chair S&H Committee
      • Accident/Incident Coordinator
      • Lead Inspection Team
      • Perform Hazard Analyses
      • Conduct S&H Training
      • Active Member of Prep Team for VPP
      • Active Employee Participation in VPP
      • Coordinate Hazard Abatement
      • Knowledge of S&H Management
    [Includes image of OSHA Logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    SGE qualification for non-safety & health professionals

    You don’t have to be CSP or CIH to become an SGE, non safety and health professionals are encourage to apply. Non safety and health professionals may be hourly employees or individuals with several years of experience implementing effective safety & health management systems.

    Be a current employee of a VPP site who has worked at the site for a least 2 years AND

    Satisfy the 3 by 9 rule….meaning you must have experience in at least 3 of the 9 activities

    Read list.