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    Title: SGE Qualifications: Safety & Health Professionals
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    • 2 + Years of Experience in S&H
    • 50% Rule
    • Employee of VPP site
    • Employee at corporate office with direct oversight of at least 1 VPP site
    • Employee of non-VPP site previously employed at VPP site within same corporation
    [Includes image of OSHA Logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    SGE qualifications for Safety & Health Professionals..

    2 or more years of experience in the safety and health field

    50% Rule - Employee must be employed in position in which 50% of your daily duties are dedicated to conducting or managing S & H activities

    You must be an employee at a current VPP Site or work at the corporate level with at least 1 or more VPP sites OR

    Employee of non-VPP site previously employed at a VPP site within the same corporation. Example, if you work for a Georgia Pacific VPP site, but you were transferred to another GP site that’s not a VPP site, you can keep your SGE status. Reason being, you can be the catalyst that would jumpstart the site that you were transferred to pursue VPP….all under the same corporation.