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Speaker Notes:

The VPP Mobile Workforce Demonstration and VPP Corporate will be integrated into the VPP in 2009 through the issuance of a Federal Register Notice (FRN). So far, changes include:

Expand participation options: Mobile Workforce and Corporate. Mobile Workforce is an option for all industries, not just construction. Also, resident contractors with multiple sites may apply under the Mobile Workforce option.

Create greater flexibility in the VPP Demonstration Program by removing the requirement that Demo participants must maintain Star-level safety and health management systems and injury and illness performance levels. Demo participants will be required to adhere to the provisions of their particular Demonstration, which in no circumstances will allow approval at lower than minimum Merit levels.

Outreach and mentoring have been made explicit principles of VPP and are now expectations for VPP participants.

The principle of continuous improvement, an integral part of VPP previously addressed in the Policies and Procedures Manual sections on evaluation, has been added to the FRN in the Expectations section.

Federal agency applicants/participants primarily engaged in construction activities must follow OSHA’s construction regulations and VPP’s additional construction requirements. This includes the requirement to include in a participant’s injury and illness rates the experience of all employees, including contractors. (Previous FRN language did not make this clear.)

A change in the implementation of Star Rate Reduction Plans and 1-Year Conditional status. Now, OSHA may require a 2-year rate reduction plan whenever a Star participant’s rates exceed required minimum levels. OSHA may impose 1-year conditional status when an OSHA onsite team identifies a deficiency in a Star participant’s safety and health management system.