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    Title: Benefits….OSHA
    Type: Picture Slide

    • Leverage Resources
    • Advocates
    • Share Expertise
    • Most Important – SAFER Workplaces!
    [Includes image of OSHA Logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    …Benefits to OSHA

    Leverage resources – as stated earlier, as VPP grew our resources didn’t, so SGE help fill that need for more safety and health professionals.

    Advocates – SGE help spread the word of the VPP and the benefits it offers to the employer, the employees and the community. They help promote VPP and get the word out.

    Share expertise – great networking opportunity to learn from each other. SGEs bring an industry and labor perspective to the VPP team. Not only do SGEs learn from OSHA, but OSHA learns from SGEs.

    Most importantly OSHA benefits for Safer Workplaces!