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    Title: Benefits……SGE
    Type: Text Slide

    • Personal Development
      • Work alongside OSHA personnel
      • Meet & network with other safety & health professionals
      • Earn CSP and CIH certification points
      • Free training courses to OTI
    • Program Ownership
    • Personal Prestige
    [Includes image of OSHA Logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    So….you may be asking "What are some of the benefits of becoming an SGE"

    Personal development….becoming an SGE you receive training from the best safety and health professional in OSHA. You get the opportunity to work alongside OSHA personnel and share perspectives on safety and health; 2) meet and network with highly qualified safety and health professionals; 3) learn first hand how other industries achieve safety & health excellence (best practices); 4) exchange valuable information, experiences and lessons learned; 5) Earn CSP and CIH certification points.

    Program Ownership….SGE take great pride in being part of an elite group of individuals who give of their time and talents to help OSHA, who in turned helped reach their own safety & health goals.

    Personal Prestige…..bragging rights! Something you are proud about and want others to know