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    Title: How Do You Get Selected for VPP Onsite Team?
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    • Complete SGE 3-day training
    • Name added to global SGE email list & some Regions have their own SGE email lists
    • Team Leaders solicit volunteers by email
      • Date of onsite; site name & location; expertise needed
    • Visit the SGE webpage for available onsites
    [Includes image of OSHA Logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    Once you have successfully completed the SGE 3 day training course, get sworn and sign appointment affidavit, your name will be added to the global email address list.

    All regions have access to this list, but some Regions may have their own.

    The VPP Manager or the team leader will ask for volunteers via email. The email will indicate the date of onsite, site name & location and; expertise needed i.e., PSM, safety or health, construction, etc.; date of onsite, city/state. Only reply to email if you are available to participate on the onsite.

    Also, the SGE webpage provides a list of upcoming VPP onsites available for SGEs to assist on. Just click on the Region of choice and a list of onsites, dates and location will be displayed.