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    Title: Application
    Type: Text Slide with clipart image of paper and pen
    • Training several times a year
    • (Typically) Occurs at VPP host site
    • No Course Fees
    • Conducted by OSHA & Veteran SGEs
    • How To Be A VPP Onsite Evaluation Team Member
      • 3 full days of training
    [Includes image of OSHA Logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    Training offered several times a year.

    VPP sites generally host the course.

    The SGE course is free of charge and all training materials are provided. Your employer will cover cost of lodging, transportation and meals. Depending on the host site, some lunches may be included.

    SGE course conducted by OSHA National or Regional office personnel with the help of our veteran SGEs

    The course is 3 full days – Tuesday thru Thursday….. with Monday and Friday being travel days.