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Pittsburgh, PA (USPS Eastern Area Office) 4/24-26/07



As an industry leader in Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) facilities, the Postal Service has taken on a "mentor role" for private industry and public agency partners seeking their VPP status. Recently, 22 Eastern Area employees completed an intense 3-day OSHA training course qualifying them as Special Government Employees (SGE) who will assist in on-site evaluations for new and existing VPP participants. Just prior to swearing in the new SGE graduates, OSHA Pittsburgh Area Director Robert Szymanski told them how valuable they will be to OSHA’s mission of expanding the VPP program by ensuring safety and OSHA compliance throughout industry. "The Postal Service is poised to surpass current organizational leaders in VPP participation, so we are pleased to have all of you leading the way," Szymanski said.

Eastern Area Manager of Safety Bruce Goetz attended the class and sees great things to come from it. "We now have over 30 SGEs in the Area who can work with our existing sites and help with the establishment of new sites. The commitment and hard work to become a VPP Star site is very stringent but the rewards and return on investment are endless. The safety and health of our employees along with the cost reductions to our company is a triumph for everyone.

OSHA SGE Eastern Area Graduates

OSHA SGE Eastern Area Graduates
Appalachian: Pat Gwathmey, Sandy Hayes, Melvin Robinson, Debbie Ware;
Central PA: Sheila Cigic;
Cincinnati: Valorie Frazier, Gale Stanley, Jeff Ware
Columbus: Bill Cook, Donna Flint, Ric Kent
Erie: Glenn Howell, Lee Huhta
Kentuckiana: Brenda Fenn, Rich Hallowell
Northern Ohio: Jeff Walters
Pittsburgh: Claire Mankowski
South Jersey: Russ Carmody, Jackie Fortiner, Paul Kinosian
Eastern Area: Bruce Goetz, Dale Hallam