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APPENDIX C: Invitation Letter


Dear VPP Coordinator/Contact:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is working on a project to document the value of the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). To accomplish this, OSHA is working with The Gallup Organization to collect VPP site injury and illness data, and information on mentoring and outreach activities via a Web questionnaire. If you participate, you will not need to complete the Success Stories portion of your 2005 Annual Submission (submitted February 15, 2006), and you will type ”Completed Gallup Questionnaire” in this section.

Your participation is voluntary but very important. The Web questionnaire will allow OSHA to accurately measure VPP’s value, demonstrate the programs’ benefits, and promote program growth. Growth of the VPP will increase the number of employees who go home each day safe and healthy.

There are three parts to this questionnaire: a) Mentoring Section; b) Outreach Section; and c) Data Collection Section.

Before entering the Web site to complete the questionnaire, it is suggested that you locate your calendar to retrieve the mentoring and outreach activities that you conducted in 2004. You will also be asked questions about the mentoring and outreach activities completed by others at your site during 2004, so you may want to consult with others who performed these activities. Additionally, you will need the injury and illness logs for your site(s) for the five years prior to joining VPP.
    Your Access Code is: < >
    The Web site is:
Next, use your computer’s Web browser to go to the Web site and type the Access Code listed above. This voluntary questionnaire should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. OSHA will protect information provided in this questionnaire by VPP participants to the greatest extent permitted by law and is conducting this questionnaire in conformance with the Paperwork Reduction Act.

If you are the VPP Coordinator/Contact for more than one site, you will be receiving a questionnaire for each site. If you are completing more than one questionnaire, please be careful not to double count your mentoring and outreach activities. Either complete all mentoring and outreach activities for all of your sites on the first questionnaire or complete the mentoring and outreach sections on each individual questionnaire for each specific site.

Please feel free to contact Gallup Client Support at 1-888-297-8999 or if you have any questions. Your participation is appreciated.


Jonathan L. Snare
Acting Assistant Secretary

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