Through the Alliance, OSHA and NADONA/LTC will use their collective expertise to help promote safe and healthful working conditions, especially by preventing exposure to ergonomic hazards for the directors and assistant directors of nursing in long-term care. OSHA and NADONA/LTC will share best practices and technical knowledge and provide the association's members with information, guidance or mentoring to help develop, implement or improve ergonomic programs. In addition, the organizations will work together to raise awareness of OSHA's Ergonomic Guidelines for Nursing Homes. The Alliance's goals include:

Training and education
  • Develop and deliver training and education programs and disseminate information on ergonomic issues.
Outreach and communication
  • Develop and disseminate information at conferences, events, or through print and electronic media, including informational links from OSHA's and NADONA/LTC's web sites.
  • Cross-train OSHA personnel and industry safety and health practitioners in NADONA/LTC ergonomic best practices and programs; as jointly defined by OSHA and NADONA/LTC.
  • Encourage NADONA/LTC's members to act as mentors to help implement ergonomic programs and review ergonomic best practices; as jointly defined by OSHA and NADONA/LTC.
Promoting the national dialogue on workplace safety and health
  • Encourage NADONA/LTC members to act as industry liaisons and resources for OSHA's cooperative programs and Compliance Assistance Specialists.
  • Share ergonomic best practices and innovative solutions, as jointly determined by OSHA and NADONA/LTC, with others in the health care industry through outreach by NADONA/LTC and OSHA-developed training programs and materials.