Through the Alliance, OSHA and AHA are committed to utilizing their collective expertise to advance a culture of awareness, prevention and action while sharing best practices and technical knowledge to reduce death and disability from heart disease and stroke and address employee wellness programs in the workplace. These efforts will include a focus on providing information for individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). The Alliance agreement's goals include:

Outreach and communication
  • Speak, exhibit, or appear at OSHA's or AHA's conferences, local meetings, or other Alliance partner events such as the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update.
  • Share information among OSHA personnel and industry safety and health professionals regarding AHA's best practices or effective approaches and publicize results through outreach by the AHA and through OSHA's or AHA's developed materials, training programs, workshops, seminars, and lectures (or any other applicable forum).
  • Work with other Alliance participants on specific issues and projects on AED, CPR and first aid training programs that are addressed and developed through the Alliance Program.
Promoting the national dialogue on workplace safety and health
  • Convene or participate in forums, round table discussions, or stakeholder meetings on AED Programs, CPR and first aid training issues to help forge innovative solutions in the workplace or to provide input on safety and health issues.

Products and Resources

Alliance Program Participant Developed Products
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