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Heat Fatalities [Map]

[Last Updated: 08/04/2014]

This map shows locations of outdoor worker, heat-related fatalities between 2008 and 2014. It is not an exhaustive list of all worker fatalities from heat exposure during this time period. It includes only those fatalities that involve workers who are covered by either the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Federal OSHA) or a State OSHA plan. Some fatalities reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) are outside Federal and State plan OSHA jurisdiction and are not included. In addition, reporting and update timeframes for the Federal OSHA information systems used to generate this map vary from BLS and are based on the circumstances of the case, which may result in inconsistencies.

The map provides a geographic reminder that Water.Rest.Shade and the acclimatization of workers are vital to providing a safe and healthful environment when working outdoors in the heat. For each fatality, basic information about the type of workplace, work task, and work conditions is provided if available. This information was drawn from both preliminary and final investigation reports. Links to available inspection data are provided for incidents recorded on OSHA's Statistics & Data webpage.

Select a location and click on the pin to view the incident information box. You can also close the box by clicking on the pin. To move the information box, click and drag the box to the desired position. A text version of the information presented on this map is also available.

Heat Fatality Map Blytheville, AR Elm Mott, TX Independence, MO Fayetteville, AR Washington, DC Austin, TX Hopewell, NJ Heber, CA Livermore, CA Festus, MO Nipomo, CA West Sacramento, CA Billings, OK Rancho Mirage, CA Davis, OK Sands Point, NY Pearland, TX Clarendon, AR Edmond, OK Glasgow, KY Rogers, AR Magnolia, NC Charlotte, NC Camp Hill, PA Beaumont, TX Mineral Wells, TX Blythe, CA Stonewall, OK Coats, NC Wharncliffe, WV Hendersonville, NC Macomb, IL Rose Hill, KS Plant City, FL El Dorado, AR Jourdanton, TX Vidor, TX Marshall, TX Moscow, TX Moss Point, MS Welch, WV Alexandria, LA Hermitage, AR Beaumont, CA Springfield, IL Biglerville, PA Landing, PA Ridgeway, VA Lawrenceville, GA Parkersburg, WV Joliet, IL Pewaukee, WI Carson, CA Manheim, PA Pearland, TX Lawrenceville, GA Richmond, TX Nathalie, VA Port Orange, FL Austin, TX Yorkville, IL Valley City, IL Houston, TX Mendota Heights, MN Alton, IL Logan, WV Miamisburg, OH Olive Hill, KY Broken Arrow, OK Farmington, CA McKittrick, CA Grantsboro, NC Arlington, AZ Miami, FL Tracy, CA Fort Irwin, CA Delano, CA Bakersfield, CA Carmichael, CA Puyallup, WA Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA Boynton Beach, FL Thermal, CA Las Vegas, NV Oak Island, NC Palm Desert, CA Gilbert, AZ Kenosha, WI Salesville, OH Houston, TX Big Spring, TX Chicago, IL Desert Center, CA Yuba, CA Five Points, CA Richgrove, CA Norfolk, VA Medford, MA Greenfield, IN Hartland, WI Brooklyn, NY Reinholds, PA Golden Meadow, LA Kingsville, TX Detriot, MI Yucaipa, CA Hanford, CA Healdsburg, CA
Incident Information
Date Region City/State Industry Inspection No. Summary of Report
7/11/2014 9 Yucaipa, CA Sanitary Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 317729887 Possible heat fatality investigation. Worker was engaged in asbestos remediation.
6/30/2014 5 Detroit, MI Landscaping Services 312049026 Possible heat fatality investigation. Worker was operating a weed whipper on his first day on the job.
6/24/2014 9 Healdsburg, CA Other Building Finishing Contractors 315831867 Possible heat fatality investigation. Worker was performing dry wall finishing tasks.
6/2/2014 9 Hanford, CA Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors 316728484 Possible heat fatality investigation. Worker was performing steel connection tasks.
8/22/2013 6 Kingsville, TX New Multifamily Housing Construction (except Operative Builders) 933966 An employee on a construction site died of heat related illness.
7/24/2013 2 Brooklyn, NY Recyclable Material Merchant Wholesalers 922211 An employee who had been working for several hours on a conveyor line suffered heat illness and died. There was a week-long heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service.
7/17/2013 5 Hartland, WI Landscaping Services 920648 Possible heat fatalitiy investigation.
7/17/2013 5 Greenfield, IN Building and Remodeling 317055317 Worker died of heat related illness.
7/9/2013 1 Medford, MA United States Postal Service 917092 A letter carrier collapsed after walking his route for approximately 5 hours with a mail bag weighing up to 35 pounds. He died of heat stroke. The area was under a heat advisory from the National Weather Service.
7/6/2013 3 Norfolk, VA Ship Building and Repairing 917201 A worker performing cleanup operations on a ship’s deck collapsed and later died. The heat index reported by NOAA reached a high of 97 degrees Fahrenheit.
7/5/2013 9 Richgrove, CA Orange groves 316724020 Possible heat fatalitiy investigation.
7/2/2013 9 Five Points, CA Farm Labor Contractors and Crew Leaders 316723956 Worker died of heat related illness.
6/29/2013 9 Yuba City, CA Concrete Work 316523703 Worker died of heat related illness.
6/26/2013 5 Chicago, IL Electrical contractors 914943 A newly rehired employee was engaged in work involving lifting, carrying, and installing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. The employee died of heat stroke.
6/25/2013 6 Golden Meadow, LA General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance, Less Than Truckload 916923 Truck driver died of heat related illness.
6/20/2013 9 Desert Center, CA Electrical contractors 316212521 Worker died of heat related illness.
6/13/2013 5 Salesville, OH Support activities for oil and gas operations 911745 Worker engaged in construction activities died of heat related illness.
6/13/2013 6 Houston, TX Solid waste collection 912111 A temporary worker who was collecting garbage suffered heat stroke.
6/6/2013 3 Reinholds, PA Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction 910745 Worker engaged in bull dozer and pickup truck operation died of heat related illness.
6/6/2013 6 Big Spring, TX Crude petroleum and natural gas extraction 910731 Employees were exposed to excessive environmental heat conditions during oil and gas well drilling activities and rig movement activities. One of the workers died of heat related illness.
8/22/2012 5 Miamisburg, OH Roofing Contractors 589300 A temporary employee was working on the roof on his first day on the job, he was throwing roofing material off the roof into a dump truck. He developed heat stroke and later died.
8/21/2012 9 Palm Desert, CA Electrical Contractors 316209188 An employee who was digging trenches and installing conduits died of heat-related illness at the construction site.
8/15/2012 5 Kenosha, WI Painting and Wall Covering Contractors 575598 Worker performing outside painting activities died from a heart attack, possibly heat-related.
8/7/2012 6 Broken Arrow, OK Framing Contractors 574001 Worker engaged in residential framing activities died of heat related illness.
8/5/2012 5 Alton, IL Flour Milling 555880 Worker fell 60-70 feet and died. Heat stress is a possible contributing factor.
7/31/2012 3 Logan, WV All Other Specialty Trade Contractors 550058 Worker cutting down trees collapsed and died from a possible heat stroke. The investigation is ongoing.
7/25/2012 7 Independence, MO Postal Service 538158 An unacclimatized employee collapsed while walking outdoors on a mail route, delivering mail from an enclosed vehicle without air-conditioning in excessive heat condition.
7/13/2012 6 Elm Mott, TX Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction 542021 Worker performing construction activities died possibly from heat stress.
6/24/2012 6 Fayetteville, AR Landscape Architectural Services 491698 An employee performing installation of synthetic turf at an outdoor football practice facility died due to exposure to excessive heat.
6/21/2012 6 Blytheville, AR Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction 490758 Worker performing construction activities collapsed and died possibly from heat stress.
6/20/2012 3 Washington, DC Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction 488420 Worker was outside paving in 98 degrees Fahrenheit temperature with a heat index of 102 degrees Fahrenheit when he collapsed and eventually died of hyperthermia.
6/15/2012 6 Austin, TX Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction 505899 A highway construction worker died, possibly due to heat stress.
6/15/2012 4 Olive Hill , KY Roofing Contractors 315593343 The employee collapsed while working on roof repairs. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Possible heat stress fatality.
6/1/2012 2 Hopewell, NJ Employment Placement Agencies 469439 An employee collecting garbage on an outdoor route during an excessive heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service suffered a heat stroke and died
6/1/2012 9 Gilbert, AZ Concrete Work 316829910 An employee picking up large metal brackets from a jobsite, was later found deceased from heat stress.
5/22/2012 9 Heber, CA Farm Labor Contractors 316553064 Worker was harvesting cantaloupes outdoors. Possible heat stress fatality.
5/19/2012 9 Livemore, CA Catering 315318063 Worker catering an all-day outdoor event died. Possible heat stress fatality.
10/12/2011 9 Nipomo, CA Remediation services 314827163 Worker performed duties of a general laborer. Possible heat stress fatality.
9/23/2011 9 West Sacramento, CA Farm Labor 314573205 Field laborer harvesting pistachios died, possibly due to heat illness.
8/29/2011 6 Billings , OK Drilling oil and gas wells 314936295 The employee was working under the sub-frame of the drilling rig, in the shade. He complained about burning up inside. Possible heat stress fatality. Drug use may have also been a factor.
8/23/2011 9 Rancho Mirage, CA Concrete work 313513954 Construction worker resurfacing road collapsed and died, possibly due to heat stress.
8/23/2011 6 Davis, OK 75030 Special Trade Contractors 314934662 Worker assembling a fabric building structure became ill and died, possibly due to heat stress.
8/17/2011 2 Sands Point, NY Golf Courses and Country Club 315669572 Golf club worker died from cardiac arrest due to a heat stroke.
8/5/2011 6 Pearland, TX Landscaping 315722330 Employee doing landscaping work collapsed and later died. The preliminary cause of death is hyperthermia.
7/25/2011 6 Clarendon, AR Sawmill 315715078 Worker died possibly due to a heat-related illness after working on a sawmill machine.
7/20/2011 6 Edmond , OK Plastering, drywall and insulation 314933474 Employee collapsed after working in the heat.
7/19/2011 4 Glasgow, KY Tire Retreading and repair shops 314957853 Worker was changing a tractor tire. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/18/2011 5 Mendota Heights, MN Landscaping 315719534 Worker collapsed while trimming bushes and raking, and later died. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/16/2011 6 Rogers, AR Masonry Contractors 123448706 Worker performing construction activities collapsed and died. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/13/2011 4 Magnolia, NC Turkey production 315451484 Farm worker experienced light-headedness and confusion while collecting eggs. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/13/2011 4 Charlotte, NC Roofing Contractors 315685446 Worker was working on a roofing project. He was cleaning up roofing materials on the ground. He fell unconscious and died. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/12/2011 3 Camp Hill, PA Roofing, siding and sheet metal work contractors 314246851 Worker possibly died from heat stress while repairing a school roof.
7/8/2011 6 Beaumont, TX Masonry Contractors 312928443 A bricklayer laborer, working on a 24-foot scaffold collapsed. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/7/2011 6 Mineral Wells, TX Forestry Services 314279589 A firefighter, was on-foot, working with a crew that checked for fires that could be put out, when he suddenly collapsed. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/7/2011 9 Blythe, CA Farming 313513244 The worker was driving a tractor that pulled a farm harvesting machine, he collapsed and later died. Possible heat stress fatality.
6/24/2011 6 Stonewall, OK Oil and Gas Industry 314933250 Worker drilling oil inside an oil well collapsed and later died. Possible heat stress fatality.
6/1/2011 4 Coats, NC Tree Cutting 315450593 Worker cutting trees in 100-degree weather fell unconscious and later died from heat stroke.
5/31/2011 3 Wharncliffe, WV Natural Gas Distribution 315224170 Worker performing maintenance at a natural gas compressor station died after complaining about the heat and major pain in his arm, chest, and stomach. Possible heat stress fatality.
5/25/2011 4 Hendersonville, NC Highway and street construction 315505354 Worker was outside paving, became disoriented and was taken to the hospital. Possible heat stress fatality.
5/11/2011 7 Festus, MO Landscaping 315651208 Worker moving a trailer loaded with straw bales collapsed and died, possibly from heat stress.
5/11/2011 5 Macomb, IL Building Maintenance Services 314851197 Worker repairing air conditioning units died from a heart attack; possibly heat-related.
5/9/2011 7 Rose Hill, KS Roofing Contractors 315087585 Worker reroofing a residential structure died, possibly from a heat stroke.
4/21/2011 4 Plant City, FL Farm Labor   Worker was picking strawberries and fainted. Possible heat stress fatality.
9/17/2010 6 El Dorado, AR All Other Miscellaneous Waste Management Services 314914128 Employee was part of an industrial cleaning crew. After leaving the work site, he collapsed, exhibiting symptoms of heat stroke.
8/18/2010 6 Jourdanton, TX Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences 314301763 The employee was performing archaeological digs. He was found unconscious and transported to a hospital where he died as a result of heat stress.
8/5/2010 10 Puyallup, WA Refuse Systems 314487018 An employee was working as a helper on a residential garbage truck run and began acting irrationally. Emergency Services discovered that his body temperature was in excess of 108 degrees Fahrenheit. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.
8/4/2010 6 Vidor, TX Landscaping services 312923824 The worker was in the process of clearing tree branches along a heavily forested area when he said he was not feeling well. He sat under a tree and slumped. He was taken to the hospital where he died as a result of hyperthermia.
8/4/2010 6 Marshall, TX Brick and structural clay tile 314178419 Employee collapsed with seizures and was transferred to the hospital and died from heat stroke.
8/4/2010 6 Moscow, TX Sawmills 314542747 Worker was complaining of being hot and was later found unresponsive. He was taken to the hospital where he apparently died from heat stress complications.
8/2/2010 4 Moss Point, MS Concrete work 313632184 Worker was constructing curb and gutter work in preparation for a concrete pour. Worker was found later, collapsed; hyperthermia was listed as cause of death.
7/22/2010 3 Welch, WV Other specialty trade contractors 313374381 Employee was working to install a fiber optic line and became unconscious. Possible heat stress fatality.
7/16/2010 6 Alexandria, LA Industrial building construction 313031304 A construction worker was cleaning up the jobsite by picking up lumber and other debris. He was seen lying on the ground unconscious, possibly due to heat stress.
7/15/2010 6 Houston, TX Air conditioning and heating 314426644 An employee was performing maintenance services on an air conditioning unit and was found dead. It was later determined that heat stress was the cause of death.
7/15/2010 9 Hermitage, AR Farm 314528068 The worker was removing stakes and strings from the fields, collapsed and later died as a result of heat stroke.
7/14/2010 9 Beaumont, CA Bridge/tunnel and highway construction 313509622 An employee suffered a heart attack at work, possibly due to heat, and died.
7/9/2010 5 Springfield, IL Concrete work 312893852 The worker was setting anchor bolts into a 4-foot concrete-formed wall, collapsed, and fell backwards. Worker possibly suffered from heat exposure.
7/8/2010 3 Biglerville, PA Deciduous Tree Fruits 113737969 Worker was pulling weeds in a fruit tree nursery field. He died from hyperthermia.
7/6/2010 3 Rices Landing, PA other services to buildings and dwellings 314109109 A construction worker installing a swimming pool, died from heat stroke.
6/28/2010 3 Ridgeway, VA Roofing, siding and sheet metal work 314620881 The worker was working on a roof when he collapsed against a wall. An ambulance arrived at the scene and transported him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Possible heat stress fatality.
6/17/2010 4 Lawrenceville, GA Temporary Help Services 314204215 The employee was working on a project consisting of pressure washing and sorting trash cans. The employee was taken to the hospital where he stayed until being pronounced dead of environmental heat stroke, delayed effect.
5/27/2010 3 Parkersburg, WV Excavating work 313377343 The worker spent majority of the day dragging concrete after it was poured. Another employee noticed him wobbling as he was standing. Emergency responders transferred him to the hospital where he later died due to complications associated with hyperthermia.
5/26/2010 5 Joliet, IL Lawn and garden services 314035650 The worker was mowing lawns in a residential area. He became disoriented and was taken to a shaded area where he collapsed. He was transported to the hospital where he later died of multiple organ failure due to heat stroke.
5/24/2010 5 Pewaukee, WI Roofing, siding, sheet metal work 313529075 The worker was preparing and pouring a concrete patio when he began to show signs of heat stress. He lost consciousness and later died at a major trauma center.
5/12/2010 9 Carson, CA Landscaping   Worker began vomiting and shaking, possibly from heat stress. He was moved to the shade and first aid was administered. He later died.
9/24/2009 9 Los Angeles, CA Concrete Work 313379687 A male carpenter employee, was working at a large construction site. He was found lying on the ground and pronounced dead at the scene. The coroner's report included "probable heat stroke" with "signs of dehydration" in the cause of death.
9/23/2009 9 Los Angeles, CA Marine Cargo Handling 312314602 An employee was working with a crew transferring the contents of boxes of blenders to a new shipping container on a hot day. The employee collapsed after returning from lunch break. The coroner's report lists heart attack as the cause of death, with heat as a possible contributing factor.
9/2/2009 3 Manheim, PA Landscaping services 312505993 A grounds man, was working with a coworker pruning trees. He collapsed and was hospitalized for heat stroke. He later died.
8/14/2009 6 Pearland, TX Concrete work 311965297 A construction laborer was shoveling soil out of shallow trenches that were excavated by machines for residential foundations. He suffered heat exhaustion and fell to the ground. The medical examiner's office indicated that he was dead on arrival to the hospital.
8/13/2009 4 Lawrenceville, GA Masonry Contractors 312531197 The worker was returning from his break, when he collapsed. He was transported to the hospital where he later died. The medical report indicated death due to the delayed effects of heat stroke.
8/12/2009 6 Richmond, TX Structural Steel Erection 311964886 The worker was found unresponsive on a scaffold in a residential water tank where he was welding the interior overhead of the tank. Emergency services were summoned, but he could not be revived. The medical examiner determined that the preliminary cause of death was hyperthermia.
8/11/2009 3 Nathalie, VA Tobacco Farming 313479495 The employee was working in a tobacco field pruning tobacco leaves by hand. He collapsed, when he suddenly tried to seek shade. He died en route to the hospital. Possible heat stress fatality.
8/11/2009 4 Port Orange, FL Landscaping services   The worker was doing landscaping services. He was later found collapsed in the company truck, possibly due to a heat stress.
7/15/2009 6 Austin, TX Water well drilling 312852924 A construction worker was found unresponsive in a vehicle. He died from heat exhaustion.
6/23/2009 5 Yorkville, IL Highway, street and bridge construction 312726920 A construction laborer was working with a road patch crew, he was signaling traffic when he fell to one knee. The employee refused medical attention up to the point of loss of consciousness and convulsions. Emergency medical services responded and transported him to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, possibly due to heat stress.
6/19/2009 5 Valley City, IL Single family housing construction 312888159 The worker was engaged in concrete pouring operations for a residential foundation. The employee began stumbling, was disoriented and fell to the ground. Emergency services were notified and the employee was taken by helicopter to the hospital. The employee later died possibly due to heat stress.
8/27/2008 4 Boynton Beach, FL Field Crops 312149024 An employee was working as a farm laborer. He was noticed on the ground laying on his back and foaming through the mouth. According to the examiner's office, the employee died of hyperthermia.
8/2/2008 9 Thermal, CA Farm Labor Contractors 310603774 A farm laborer, died allegedly of heat-related illness.
7/11/2008 9 Carmichael, CA Commercial and Institutional building construction 311862262 The worker was an unacclimatized laborer. He collapsed while hand-excavating footings, outdoors. He was transported to a medical center, where he was diagnosed with heat stroke, hospitalized and later died.
7/11/2008 9 Las Vegas, NV Roofing Contractors 312279649 An employee was a foreman at a roofing job. At the end of the day he collapsed. He was transported to the medical center where he died. The coroner's office listed the cause of death as environmental heat stress.
7/10/2008 9 Bakersfield, CA Farm Labor Contractors 310826730 The worker was loading boxes of grapes to a truck. He sustained heat exhaustion and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He later died from a heat stroke.
7/9/2008 9 Delano, CA Grape vineyards 310827399 After manually loading fruit boxes onto a truck, the worker was a passenger on the truck transporting the grapes to cold storage. The coworker reported that the worker could not be awakened. Emergency responders arrived, but were unable to revive him.
7/8/2008 9 Tracy, CA General warehousing and storage 310552534 The employee was a mechanic working in the service bay area of the truck maintenance shop. He died from a heat stroke.
7/8/2008 9 Fort Irwin, CA Help Supply Services 310607114 The employee was assigned to work as a laborer erecting large rental tents in military training areas when he became very ill. The coroner's report identified acute renal failure as the cause of death with contributing cause of hypertension and dehydration. 
7/2/2008 4 Miami, FL Appliance repair and maintenance 312147705 The worker was installing armor flex around the copper pipes located at the back of the condenser unit when he fell to the ground. Possible heat stress fatality.
6/30/2008 9 Arlington, AZ Oil and gas pipeline related structure 312388465 The worker (a laborer) was part of a crew assigned to unload 40-pound sand bags from a truck. He became unresponsive and displayed signs of heat stress and a possible heart attack. He was air-evacuated to the hospital where he died. 
6/6/2008 4 Grantsboro, NC Colleges and Universities 311939763 After teaching a class, a fire instructor collapsed. The cause of death was apparently cardiac arrest, resulting from heat exhaustion.
5/27/2008 4 Oak Island, NC Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction 311937551 The decedent was a temporary employee who assisted with checking the grade during road paving. Coworkers noticed that he was not sweating and his skin was clammy. He was told to take a break after which he returned to work. He was later found lying on the ground. He died at the hospital.
5/16/2008 9 Mckittrick, CA Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction 310201561 The worker apparently experienced a heat-related illness on his first day on the job. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
5/14/2008 9 Farmington, CA Farm Labor Contractors 310551346 The worker died due to an unspecified heat related illness.
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