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Handheld orbital sanderSanders finish stock by using a coated abrasive surface to remove material. The sanding disc is pressed toward the wood, which is located on a working table. Sanders produce a considerable quantity of fine wood dust. All sanders should be well ventilated. Contact with the abrasive surface of an orbital sander can cause abrasions and lacerations.

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Point of Operation Top
Potential Hazard:

Possible Solutions:

Work Practices
  • Keep hands away from abrasive surfaces.

  • Sand on the downward-moving side of the disk.

Flying Chips Top
Potential Hazard:

  • Wood splinters and chips may be thrown from the sanding action.
Possible Solutions:

Engineering Controls Work Practices
  • Replace torn, frayed, or excessively worn belts. A worn-out belt can cause massive heat buildup, which can cause it to tear or break and pelt the surrounding area with projected bits.
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