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Handheld routerHandheld routers are used for cutting and shaping decorative pieces, making frame and panel doors, and milling moldings. Routers have spindles that spin variously shaped, small-diameter cutting tools at high speeds. The tool or bit, which is usually made out of high speed steel or carbide, is held in a collet chuck and protrudes through a flat, smooth base that slides over the surface of the work. The tool-spindle axis usually is vertical.

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End Grain Top
Potential Hazards:
  • The most common hazards occur when routing end grain. The router bit can grab the work piece, causing the operator to lose control.
Possible Solutions:
  • Never start routing end grain first.

  • Use Jigs or guards whenever possible.

Kickbacks Top
Potential Hazards:
  • Kickbacks can occur when operating the router at slow speeds.
Possible Solutions:
  • Increase the router speed if possible.

  • Make sure the work piece is secure.

Flying Chips Top
Potential Hazards:
  • The cutting action of the handheld router may expose employees to splinters, sawdust, and flying chips.
Possible Solutions:
  • Use proper means of wood dust collection.

  • Always wear eye protection.
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