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Confined or Enclosed Spaces and Other Dangerous Atmospheres » Initial Entry Testing

Click on an area for more specific information. Visual Inspection PPE Before Work Ventilation Establishing Rescue Teams Warning Signs and Labels Warning Signs and Labels Figure 1: Initial Entry Testing
Figure 1: Initial Entry Testing: Testing the Atmosphere, Warning Signs and Labels, Visual Inspection, Ventilation, PPE Before Work, and Establishing Rescue Teams.
The moment of entry is critical in confined or enclosed space operations. Injuries from fires, explosions, falls, and unsafe atmospheres may be avoided with careful preparation and adequate testing.

Note: During shipbuilding operations, the need for testing by a shipyard competent person (SCP) and certified marine chemist (CMC) will depend on the progress of the vessel construction. Until there is a potential for a hazard, such as oxygen deficiency, or after the introduction of flammable materials, testing may not be required.

OSHA requires the following precautions as part of confined or enclosed space entry:

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