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Am I In Danger?

If vehicle safety practices are not observed at your site, you risk being pinned between construction vehicles and walls, struck by swinging backhoes, crushed beneath overturned vehicles, you risk being struck by trucks or cars.

How Do I Avoid Hazards?

  • Wear seat belts that meet OSHA standards [29 CFR 1926.601(b)(9)], except on equipment that is designed only for standup operation, or that has no rollover protective structure.

  • Check vehicles before each shift to assure that all parts and accessories are in safe operating condition [For additional information, see Vehicle Inspection].

  • Worker holding stop signDo not drive a vehicle in reverse gear with an obstructed rear view, unless it has an audible reverse alarm, or another worker signals that it is safe.

  • Drive vehicles or equipment only on roadways or grades that are safely constructed and maintained.

  • Make sure that you and all other personnel are in the clear before using dumping or lifting devices.

  • Lower or block bulldozer and scraper blades, end-loader buckets, dump bodies, etc., when not in use, and leave all controls in neutral position.

  • Set parking brakes when vehicles and equipment are parked, and chock the wheels if they are on an incline.

  • All vehicles must have adequate braking systems and other safety devices [For additional information, see Brake Systems].

  • Haulage vehicles that are loaded by cranes, power shovels, loaders etc., must have a cab shield or canopy that protects the driver from falling materials.

  • Do not exceed a vehicle's rated load or lift capacity.

  • Do not carry personnel unless there is a Barricade safe place to ride.

  • Use traffic signs, barricades or flaggers when construction takes place near public roadways.

  • Workers must be highly visible in all levels of light. Warning clothing, such as red or orange vests, are required; and if worn for night work, must be of reflective material.
Large truck on its side in a trench
This accident happened because the excavation was not properly guarded or barricaded.

Safety Bulletin Sign
Being Struck-By a Vehicle

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