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Constructing Masonry Walls

Am I In Danger?

Constructing concrete and masonry walls is especially dangerous because of the tremendous loads that need to be supported. There are risks of major accidents, and even death, when jacks or lifting equipment are used to position slabs and walls, or when shoring is required until structures can support themselves.

How Do I Avoid Hazards?

  • Do not place construction loads on a concrete structure until a qualified person indicates that it can support the load.

  • Adequately shore or brace structures until permanent supporting elements are in place, or concrete has been tested to assure sufficient strength.

  • Only allow those who are essential to and actively engaged in construction or lifting operations to enter the work area.

  • Take measures to prevent unrolled wire mesh from recoiling, such as securing each end or turning the roll over.

  • Do not load lifting devices beyond their capacity.

  • Use automatic holding devices to support forms in case a lifting mechanism fails.
Workers constructing a block masonry wall
These workers are constructing a block masonry wall.

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Constructing Masonry Walls

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