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Falling/Flying Objects

Am I In Danger?

You are at risk from falling objects when you are beneath cranes, scaffolds, etc., or where overhead work is being performed. There is a danger from flying objects when power tools, or activities like pushing, pulling, or prying, may cause objects to become airborne. Injuries can range from minor abrasions to concussions, blindness, or death.

How Do I Avoid Hazards?



  • Wear hardhats.

  • Stack materials to prevent sliding, falling, or collapse.

  • Use protective measures such as toeboards and debris nets.

Safety goggles

Power Tools, Machines, etc.

  • Use safety glasses, goggles, face shields, etc., where machines or tools may cause flying particles.

  • Inspect tools, such as saws and lathes, to insure that protective guards are in good condition.

  • Make sure you are trained in the proper operation of powder actuated tools.


Cranes and Hoists

  • Avoid working underneath loads being moved.

  • Barricade hazard areas and post warning signs.

  • Inspect cranes and hoists to see that all components, such as wire rope, lifting hooks, chains, etc., are in good condition.

  • Do not exceed lifting capacity of cranes and hoists.


Overhead Work

  • Secure tools and materials to prevent them from falling on people below.

  • Barricade hazard areas and post warning signs.

  • Use toeboards, screens, or guardrails on scaffolds to prevent falling objects, or,

  • Use debris nets, catch platforms, or canopies to catch or deflect falling objects.

Air Compressor

Compressed Air

  • Reduce compressed air used for cleaning to 30 psi, and only use with appropriate guarding and protective equipment.

  • Never clean clothing with compressed air.
Workers working on the outside of a house without wearing hardhats
These workers are not protected 
from being struck by falling
objects because they are
working around/under other
workers and not
wearing hardhats.

Safety Bulletin Sign
Falling/Flying Objects

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