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Misuse of Portable Ladders

Am I In Danger?

You risk falling if portable ladders are not safely positioned each time they are used. While you are on a ladder, it may move and slip from its supports. You can also lose your balance while getting on or off an unsteady ladder. Falls from ladders can cause injuries ranging from sprains to death.

How Do I Avoid Hazards?

  • Position portable ladders so the side rails extend at least 3 feet above the landing.
  • Secure side rails at the top to a rigid support and use a grab device when 3 foot extension is not possible.
  • Make sure that the weight on the ladder will not cause it to slip off its support.
  • Before each use inspect ladders for cracked or broken parts such as rungs, steps, side rails, feet and locking components.
  • Do not apply more weight on the ladder than it is designed to support [For additional information, see Ladder Safety].
  • Use only ladders that comply with OSHA design
    standards [29 CFR 1926.1053(a)(1)].
Construction worker on a portable ladder at proper angle against building under construction
This ladder is being used at the proper angle, and appears to be stable and secure.

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Misuse of Portable Ladders

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